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We’re a team of successful, former NCAA student-athletes. Between us we are All-American, All-State, All-Region, and All-Conference award-winning players and are ranked amongst the best in the nation.

We built up a solid reputation during our days playing soccer for US colleges, and now we help other talented players get the opportunities they deserve to play and study abroad.

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As the founder of Player Path, Tommie has years of experience both playing and coaching.

With spells in San Jose and Los Angeles, Tommie spent his college years earning All-conference awards, player of the year awards, MVP awards and winning league titles.

He was selected to be captain in the PDL league, with a selection of the best under-23 players in America.

Tommie has professional experience for both Southend United and Newport County.

Now, Tommie wants to pass on his experience and knowledge on the field to the next crop of young talent looking to earn their stripes in America.

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Earning multiple awards during his college playing career, Frankie was recognised as one of the best players in America. He achieved All-American status, winning MVP and Player of the Year awards, all during his sophomore season.

Frankie has been lucky to travel to many different countries with playing opportunities. After graduating in Los Angeles, he was offered a pro contract in Belgium.

With first hand experience of the soccer scholarship world, Frankie brings unrivalled knowledge and insight to the team, and can guide those who are aiming to be student-athletesto success.

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